About us

HOUSE OF NAYA is a women’s clothing brand founded by Ifunanya paul in 2021.

we're all about creating the perfect blend of casual, affordable, and feminine clothing for women of all sizes right from our buzzing factory in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Factory in Lagos:
Imagine a vibrant space where creativity flows – that's our factory in Lagos. It's where the magic happens, and each piece is crafted with love and precision.

Affordable Elegance, Your Way:
Get ready for affordable fashion that doesn't compromise on style. We believe every woman deserves to feel fabulous without breaking the bank. That's why our collections are a mix of elegance and pocket-friendliness.

Pick Your Prints, Own Your Colors:
Take the reins of your style by choosing from our vast fabric collection. Whether it's bold prints or subtle hues, it's all about what makes you feel fantastic. Your outfit, your choices!

Tailored to You:
No more settling for 'almost fits.' We use your measurements to create dresses that hug you just right. Comfort is key, and our goal is to make you feel as amazing as you look.

In-Store Classics:
Check out our in-store items – they're already made and ready to rock. While you can't customize these, they carry the same flair and quality you love about House Of Naya.

Ready to dive into a world where fashion is as unique as you are? Explore our collections, choose your fabric, and let's create a wardrobe that tells your story. Thanks for being part of House of Naya!